The 10 strong points of the Plaxtech system

The Plaxtech system is the most innovative and advantageous proposal for the moulding of heterogeneous plastics on today’s market.

  1. INNOVATIVE because it is an eco-sustainable closed cycle process, which makes no use of raw materials obtained from natural resources and allows to make eco-friendly products, completely recyclable within the same process, with high energy efficiency and halved production costs.
  2. The PLAXTECH system is UNIQUE because it is the first system on the market that transforms heterogeneous plastic waste into high quality products respecting the environment and in compliance with the technical regulations.
  3. The PLAXTECH system is COMPLETE as it is provided turn-key ready, including equipment, technologies, know-how, assistance, consulting, study and design of new products and raw materials.
  4. The PLAXTECH system is tested by means of long experiments and of the presence on the market of the plastic products made in years of excellent production.
  5. RELIABLE – as three years of process plant engineering have confirmed the stability of the production process and the quality of the plastic products has turned out to be long-lasting so as to drive customers to the constant purchase of the manufactured products.
  6. The PLAXTECH system is EFFICIENT because it is highly productive with low energy consumption.
  7. The PLAXTECH system is FLEXIBLE as it provides the possibility to simultaneously manufacture 4 products different in weight and size.
  8. The PLAXTECH system is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY over the whole process, from the recycled raw material used to the finished product obtained, making “green products” that - in compliance with the regulations in force - are 100% eco-friendly.
  9. The PLAXTECH system is COMPETITIVE: Plaxtech produces new products at very competitive prices thanks to the significant increase in productivity and to the low costs of the raw material used, which allow a cost reduction up to 50%.
  10. The PLAXTECH system is GOOD VALUE: thanks to the Tremonti Law of 1st July 2009, the purchase of the PLAXTECH technology allows to benefit from a 50% tax reduction of the gains reinvested in the purchase of machinery; moreover, as it is an innovative and eco-sustainable technology with high energy efficiency, it can obtain financing from the EC.